Air, Land, and Sea : Portuguese Sefarad in...

Host Brad Pomerance uncovers how Portugal saved thousands of Jews during the Second World War and more than 500 years after the Expulsion and Inquisition, is now welcoming back Jews in the 21st...

Air, Land, and Sea: Porto Portugal

Host Brad Pomerance uncovers the story of the Jewish people in Portugal's second city, Porto - from the era of Moorish rule, to the Inquisition period and through the community's miraculous return...

Air, Land, and Sea: The Jews of Switzerland

Host Brad Pomerance delves into Swiss Jewish life, historically and modern day, with visits to Basel, the birthplace of Zionism, the Swiss

Air, Land, and Sea: The Best of Basel

Discover the Swiss city of Basel's deep connections to both the art world and world Jewry.

Air, Land, and Sea: Searching Sephardic Spain

JLTV travels by Air Land & Sea to visit some of Sephardic Spain's most magnificent Catalonian cities - Barcelona, Besalu, Castello d'Empuries, Figueres, Girona, Portlligat & Cadaques and Tortosa.

Air, Land, and Sea: Jews of Germany

JLTV travels by Air Land & Sea to Germany to uncover a modern German Jewish community which is growing and thriving in the 21st century.

Air, Land, and Sea: Jews of Cuba

The JLTV crew travels by Air, Land & Sea to highlight the history of the Jewish people living on the Caribbean Island of Cuba.

Air, Land, and Sea: Zermatt - No Matter What

JLTV travels by Air, Land & Sea to the Alpine Village of Zermatt, Switzerand and finds out that when planning your next vacation, it's Zermatt. No Matter What.

Air, Land, and Sea: Interlaken -...

The JLTV team travels by Air Land & Sea to the mountain resort towns of Interlaken and Jungfrau in the sumptuous Swiss Alps.

Air, Land, and Sea: Seeing Sephardic Spain

JTLV travels by Air Land & Sea to visit some of Sephardic Spain's most revered cities - Madrid, Segovia, Alcala and the crown jewel of them all, Toledo.

Air, Land, and Sea: Jamaica

The JLTV team travels by Air Land & Sea to uncover the centuries-long rich and glorious history of Jews living on the Caribbean Island of Jamaica.

Air, Land, and Sea: U.S. Virgin Islands-No...

From white sands beaches to tourquise water filled with bright marine life. From gorgeous golf courses to exquisite island hospitality. Throw in the islands' illustrious Jewish history. It's time...

Air, Land, and Sea: The Jews of Barbados

Travel to the Caribbean Island of Barbados and discover the history of one of the earliest Jewish communities in the Americas

The Jews of Czech Lands

Explore the 1,000 year history of Jews living in Czech lands.


Explore the history of the pioneering Jews who helped the Caribbean Island of Nevis to thrive.

Air, Land, and Sea: Basel: Culture Unlimited

Travel to the Swiss city of Basel, where Theodor Herzl held the historic Zionist Congresses. Revel in Basel's internationally-renowned museums and its signature art show

Air, Land, and Sea: Time for Taiwan

JLTV travels to Taiwan and uncovers all that this island nation has to offer - from Food to Fantasy, from Biking to Boating, from Museums to Modernity, from Tall Towers to Majestic Mountains and...

Air, Land and Sea: Sephardic Spain

Modern Spain pays tribute to Sephardic Jewry - five centuries after the Spanish Inquisition




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